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The CB-2006 Cash Box is a Deluxe-Cash-Box provided in lebanon by TechStore.

Additionally, this cash box made for paper money and coins. Moreover, This cash box is great for small shops.

finally, This cash box can be a special gift for children to teach them the value of money.

If your business requires you to have petty cash or go on location to collect payments, a cash box can come in handy. Cash boxes are indispensable, especially at trade shows, farmers’ markets, or fairs.

If you do not have a box for cash money, cash boxes can help you keep your money and change organized while ensuring that large bills, checks, and other items like receipts be kept out of sight at the bottom of the cash box. Cash boxes not only help keep money safe, but they also help keep documents and other valuable items from theft.

Whether you need a high-volume cash box or a simple portable cash box, there are plenty of options on the market to meet your needs. Here are some cash boxes for your business to consider.

Features of CB-2006 Cash Box:

– Metal construction with plastic frame.
– Seamless steel with rounded corners for durability
-Recessed handle for easy storage
– Automatically opening lid by the patented mechanism lever
– Available in assorted colors
-Includes Plastic inner coin tray
-size(mm): H-80 W-165 D-125.


Also, it provides you with great security for the asking price which makes it a great bargain.

So, if you are looking for a mini cash box safe in Lebanon then call us now at TechStore and let our professional operators help you choose the best safe for you.


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