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The Somfy ELIXO 800 230V ECO CFT PACK RTS is provided in Lebanon by Smart Security for all sliding gates in Lebanon.

Moreover, this motor is a powerful device capable of opening 10-meter gates that weigh up to 800 KG.

Additionally, it can handle a load of 100 opening and closing gate operations daily. Add to that it has a full-steel motor reducer gear that reduces the speed of the motor to give it more torque power.

Furthermore, the motor is precise with a built-in position encoder. Thus it can provide great speed consistency to the process of the gate opening.

Likewise, its precision is shown during the movement and slowing phase. consequently, you will have a consistent experience during the use of the motor.

Similarly, the motor has an adjustable obstacle impact force to limit the risks of the gate or motor breaking in case of obstacles.

Also, the motor has a dedicated safety input line such as the photocells, these cells detect obstacles and prevent collisions.

Finally, it has a safety edge that can protect the gate in case of collision and prevents the gate from closing on someone.

Strong, accurate, and safe to motorize grand sliding gates


  • strong



  • For gates up to 10 meters / 800 kg



  • Built-in encoder for the mode
  • Precise handling of movement and stages of slow motion



  • Impact strength adjustable.
  • Dedicated safety input lines: photocells, safety edge


  •  1 Alexo 800 230 V with radio technology from Somfy
  •  1 Metal model
  •  2 Remote control radio technology from SomfyKits
  •  1 Orange energy-saving 230 volt warning light
  •  1 Master Pro Bitech photovoltaic cells


Thus, getting the Somfy ELIXO 800 230V ECO Comfort Pack Sliding gate opener is a great investment for your Smart home to make all its functions at your fingertip. Even more, imagine having the luxury and ease of opening your doors with one swipe of a badge.

So, call us today at Smart Security and let our professional operators help you make the best choice for your smart home in Leba

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