Hitachi iHunter ih-110 Multi Currency

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High-speed image processing technologies

  1. Full Color Dual CIS
  2. Capture and Record of OCR, MICR and Barcode / Deposit full color images
  3. Can be installed more than 40 currencies
  4. Mix & Multi currency mode (Count mixed currencies and automatic recognition)

Advanced sensor technologies

  1. Equipped with range of counterfeit detection technologies.
  2. Reliable fitness sorting
  3. Excellent tape detection performance

Remote monitoring system by ‘SIM’

  1. Connect with SIM link

User-friendly system

  1. 2 Teller mode indicator and Multi user mode available
  2. 4.3” Full color touch screen
  3. Easily look up the all sensor data
  4. Simple and easy operation
  5. Easy maintanance

iH-110 series is an ideal choice for :

  1. Bank branches, Casinos, Exchange offices, Public offices, Retailers, Cash centers
Currency Up to 40 currencies, 16 currencies(Mix & Multi)
Operating Speed

(can be installed
more than
40 currencies)

Value Counting with counterfeit detection Max 1300 NPM          *Note per minute
Fitness sorting with counterfeit detection Max 1000 NPM          *Note per minute
Capture and Record : OCR, MICR, Tickets, etc.
Capture and Record : Full color image with OCR
Pocket Capacity Hopper iH-110/iH-110S/iH-110B : 500 Notes
iH-110F/iH-110FS : 100 Notes
Reject Pocket 60 notes(Max 100 notes)
Stacker 200 notes(Max 300 notes)
Display 4.3” Full Color LCD Touch Screen
Mode Mix(Face, Orientation) / Different Denomination(Face, Orientation) / Count / Serial No. / Fitness / etc
Dimensions(W/D/H) iH-110/iH-110S/iH-110B : 300 x 320 x 315mm
iH-110F/iH-110FS : 300 x 320 x 345mm
Weight iH-110/iH-110S/iH-110B : 13kg
iH-110F/iH-110FS: 14.5kg
Interface LAN(Giga), USB(H), USB(S), RS232C
Power Supply 100 – 240V ±10%, 1.2A – 0.6A, 50/60Hz
Sensor info. Full Color dual CIS : 8 Images, IR transmission, IR reflection, RGB
Full line magnetic sensor (16 Channel)
Thickness(Tape) /Double detection sensor (12 Channel / 2 Channel)
UV Reflection(4 Channel), Transmission(4 Channel), Fluorescence (4 Channel)
Options External LCD display / OSD(On Screen Display : Video surveillance system) / Thermal printer

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