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The Parking Barrier Remote Control Bluetooth Sensor barrier provided by Smart Security in Lebanon provides security for both drivers and walkers.

Moreover, the heavy-duty material that makes up this item will make it last for many years of daily use.

Furthermore, this parking block is able to make cars stop in their tracks at a moment’s notice.

Additionally, the weight of This parking block is very lightweight but it functions really well. Thus, it is very sturdy on the ground even without bolts.

Also, the colors will make the people parking their car notice the bump from a fair distance to make them pay attention to the parking space available.

Indeed, you can be sure that this Parking Barrier Remote Control Bluetooth Sensor is going to be a great piece in order to make parking safer for all people in the parking lot or even on the street.

Product description

Remote Control Parking Space Saver Lock

180┬░anti collision: The parking lock has a flexible design and self-protection function. It can rotate back and forth to protect itself from external collisions. And the parking lock will alarm

High-pressure resistance: Curved design and thicker steel shell make it have a good performance in pressure resistance. The parking lock can endure a pressure of 5t without damage

High capacity dry battery: Use a dry battery instead of the accumulator. It is easy to maintain. Replaceable A Battery

Long remote control distance: Adopt loading coil to increase signal intensity. It has stronger penetration. The effective distance is 20 meters

Anti-pilfering: Mounting bolting inside makes it impossible to be stolen

Automatic alarming system: Alarmed barrier.Fully waterproof with alarming apparatus, alarm sound for unauthorized operation, or exterior force trying to put the arm down. An alarmed barrier takes about 5 seconds to rise and fall after pressing the remote. Force the barrier down and a loud alarm will sound. The alarm makes this parking lock tamper and theft-proof.

Good running in bad weather conditions.

Specifications of the Parking Barrier Remote Control Bluetooth Sensor:

Material: Cold rolled steel
Remote control distance: 15 m
Lifting time: 4 s
Lifting height: 400mm (15.75 inch)
Folded thickness: 80 mm (3 inches)
Waterproof level: IP67
weight: 8.0Kg

Certainly, if you are looking for a Parking Barrier Remote Control barrier in Lebanon, you are in the right place.

So Call us now and let our professional operators help you make the best choice for the road you wish to make safer.


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