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The 2D BARCODE SCANER-ED800 is a powerful and versatile tool for data collection applications.

Equipped with advanced image processing technology, multiple scanning modes, and support for

various barcode types, this scanner offers fast and efficient scanning for a range of applications. Its

ergonomic grip and rugged construction make it suitable for use in different environments, and its

plug-and-play compatibility with most operating systems makes it easy to integrate with existing

systems. Whether you’re in retail, inventory management, or logistics, the 2D Barcode Scanner-

ED800 is a reliable choice for all your data collection needs.

  Features of 2D BARCODE SCANER-ED800 :

  • Compatibility with both 1D and 2D barcodes, making it suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Support for multiple interface options, including USB, RS232, and PS/2, for seamless integration with various systems
  • Advanced image processing technology, which ensures accurate and reliable scanning of even damaged or poorly printed barcodes
  • Durable design with an ergonomic grip and rugged construction, making it suitable for use in different environments
  • Support for automatic scanning and continuous scanning modes for improved efficiency and productivity
  • Quick and easy setup with no additional drivers or software required, making it easy to get started with right out of the box.
  • High-speed scanning, capable of scanning up to 500 scans per second, for fast and efficient data collection
  • Support for a wide range of barcode types, including QR codes, Data Matrix codes, PDF417, and more
  • Plug-and-play compatibility with most operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux, for easy integration with your existing systems
  • Flexible decoding options, including manual scanning and automatic detection, to suit a range of application requirements
  • Multiple scanning modes, including handheld and presentation modes, for added versatility in different scanning scenarios
  • Advanced data editing and formatting options, including prefix and suffix codes, to ensure seamless integration with your existing systems and applications.


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