Veichi Pump inverter 4KW D5 series

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The Veichi Pump inverter 4KW D5 series provided in Lebanon by TechStore is the best way to provide electricity to your water pump 24 hours a day.

First, this solar inverter gives high performance and high efficiency, and the design is for AC pumps in solar pumping systems.

Moreover, it is fully automatic, with no need for any setup before running. Thus, it is user-friendly and easy to maintain.

Additionally, with automatic MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking), the efficiency of the inverter reaches 99%. Likewise, when clouds come, the inverter will standby, and after clouds go away, the inverter will restart automatically.

Furthermore, the solar inverter is widely used in irrigation, water reservoir, rural water supply, swimming pools, and other water supply projects.

Next, this inverter brings clean water to families around the world that improves their living standards.

Also, every piece of this inverter is strictly tested before delivery. Similarly, it has the best spare parts, together with the best design, best performance, and best quality control.

Finally, offers you the most satisfying solar inverter for your water pump. Thus, your water pump will work without interruption.

Specifically, this solar inverter is best for people that have farms, swimming pools, and anyone who has a water pump.

Accordingly, it will help you maintain a steady water supply for all your needs.

Features of Veichi Pump inverter 4KW D5 series:

  • Specially designed with advanced MPPT and CVT technology.
  • Support remote monitoring online through GPRS remote monitor system.
  • Work well with PMSM,AM and other pumps.
  • Book design saves installation space.
  • Rated Power: 4KW
  • Rated Voltage: 380V
  • Maximum Input Power of Solar Panel: 6KW
  • Maximum Input DC Voltage: 800V
  • Total Voc Range of Recommended Panels: 620-750
  • Rated Output Current: 10A
  • Output Frequency Range: 0-600Hz

Finally, Buying this Solar inverter is the best way to have a steady supply of Water all year round.

So call us today at Tech Store and allow our professional operators to help you make your earth a beacon of water all year round.

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