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The Coated Battery Connecting Cables sold in Lebanon by TechStore will allow you to connect your battery cables safely.

Additionally, these cables increase the performance of the starter by supplying the maximum current from the battery to the motor.

Furthermore, the cables are made from pure electrolytic tinned copper strands. Thus, they are able to supply maximum current transfer and flexibility.

Also, they have a resistance rating to temperatures of about 257 degrees Fahrenheit which is about 125 degrees Celcius.

Likewise, they are resistant to oil and gas leakage that would affect or even cause catastrophic damage with other cables.

Besides, their ultra-flexible jackets will make sure that you get the best performance from them and consequentially the battery.


Features of the Coated Battery Connecting Cables:

  • Increase starter performance by supplying maximum battery current to the starter motor.
  • These cables allow for maximum current transfer and flexibility thanks to the cable material which is pure electrolytic tin copper.
  • They have a special heat rating of 257°F, and oil and gas resistant.
  • Ultra-flexible jackets guarantee excellent performance.


Finally, this cable is great for batteries and all electrical equipment. Thus you can be sure that it will protect your battery in Lebanon.

So call us today and we will help you set up this device for your home in Lebanon!

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