EURONET Rechargeable Fan

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The EURONET Rechargeable Fan provided in Lebanon, by Techstore is the best way to have an electricity for a fan without cables all the time.

Features of the Euronet Rechargeable FAN:

  • Solar table fans have a solar panel connected to the power inlet of the fan.
  • The energy generated from the panels is directly transferred into the fans circuit.
  • Moreover, These fans operate on a relatively low voltage (12v) and power than regular fans.
  • Additionally, This reason behind this is the use of energy efficient DC motors, that help them draw and retain the solar energy to an optimum level.
  • The RPM generated is around 1500 units.
  • The more advanced models come with smart remotes, with features like timer and sleep mode which help save a lot of power.
  • Much like standard fans, the blades of solar table fans can overcome the aerodynamic drag and deliver good air circulation.
  • adjustable according to your convenience by merely changing the fans angle of projection.
  • They are lightweight and portable, much like standard table fans.

Finally, Call Techstore Lebanon right now. One of our knowledgeable operators can assist you with making your house a year-round beacon of light.

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