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For very simple and fast installations Sungrow offers the Sungrow COM 100E (Smart Communication Box). The configuration supports wireless Wi-Fi connections and network communications via RS485 and Ethernet. In addition, it is equipped with an AC switch, overvoltage protection, air switch, night light support and to support wireless Wi-Fi connection.


The Sungrow COM100E (Smart Communication Box) includes a Logger1000B. The Logger1000B is the heart of the Communication Box and supports connection via RS485, Ethernet and Wi-Fi. However, 4G mobile Internet access connections are not supported. The Box contains a built-in server for monitoring (monitoring) and configuring a PV plant.


A robust polycarbonate (PC) housing protects all hardware from harsh weather conditions. As a result, the COM100E is IP66 rated, making it rain, snow and dust proof. This degree of protection allows it to be mounted to a wall both outside and inside.

Features of SUNGROW COM 100E:

  • Inverter batch parameter settings andfirmware updates
  • PV-Plant maintenance via remote Web accessfor optimized OPEX
  • Active and reactive power control
  • Support of RS485, Ethernet and PLCcommunication
  • Support of energy meter, meteo station,sensors and other equipment

for C&I applications up to 30 devices with:

– 3 x RS485 Interface
– 1 x Ethernet Interface
– Wifi
– 5 D I/O
– 4 A I/O

  • Smart and Flexible COM 100E
    Support of RS485, Ethernet and WiFi communication
    Support of energy meter, meteo station, sensors and other equipment


  • Convenient O&M
    Inverter batch parameter settings and firmware updates
    PV-Plant maintenance via remote Web access for optimized OPEX
    Active and reactive power control
    Local monitoring


  • Easy Operation
    Night light for maintenance
    Robust enclosure, easy to install


  • Key Data:
    Max. number of devices – 30
    RS485 interfaces – 3
    Etherne interface – 1
    Digital inputs – 5 (Max. 24 VDC)
    Analog inputs – 4 (support 4 ~ 20 mA or 0~10 VDC)
    Wireless communication – Support of WiFi
    Power Supply – AC input (100 VAC ~ 300 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz)
    Protection class – IP 66
    Dimensions (W x H x D) – 460 x 315 x 126 mm
    Weigh – 6 kg
    Mounting type – Wall mounted, outdoor and indoor


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