Welion LED Light 60 cm 60 w


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Features of the welion light 60cm 60w:

  • life of up to 20.000 hours
  • 80% energy saving than fluorescent lamps
  • environmentally friendly, no mercury pollution
  • easy to install.

Finally, this Welion LED Light 60 cm 60 w will give you better security and ease of mind because it will provide you with the necessary light at night.

So call us today in order to get this Solar powered light and make your surroundings more secure and clearer during the night.


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Tech Store Lebanon is one of the official suppliers of Welion Solar energy equipment in Lebanon. At Tech Store Lebanon, we aim to bring every home, and business in Lebanon the electricity that every Lebanese citizen needs. We have the best solar energy equipment including: solar panels, gel batteries, solar lamps, home kits, solar street lights, and flood lights. Having 24 hours of electricity for your home or business in Lebanon is no longer a dream; and it can be yours right now. Just call one of our professional employees because they will help you set up the best system suitable for you today! We provide you with real warranty and in house repair. Thus, you can be sure that you are buying the best quality solar products with 100 percent warranty.
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