Broadlink WEATHER

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WIFI Phone Monitoring Room Environment & Air Quality Sensor Detector
1-The A1 is a multi-sensor device that measures the room temperature, humidity, light, and sound and you can monitor these data from the e-control mobile application anytime anywhere through the internet and Wi-Fi.
2-Also if you have another broadlink device you can benefit from the interaction option so for example if you have the RM mini you set the Aircondition on and off automatically depending on the temperature or humidity.
-Detects Temperature, Humidity, Light, Sound and Air quality.
-Monitor from smartphone thru Wi-Fi.
-Monitor remotely via the internet.
-Interact with other Broadlink products.
-Configure interaction state and action.
-Easy to install.
-Modern and classic small size design.
-Reconnect automatically to Wi-Fi Read More

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