Euronet Solar Street Light 250W

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The Euronet Solar Street Light 250W sold by TechStore Lebanon will allow you to light your home or entrance.

First, it is an easy out-of-the-box product that allows you to set it up yourself.

Secondly, you can easily configure this solar light according to the customer’s needs.

Moreover, it lasts for a long time allowing you to save money for a longer time.

Additionally, you can use this Solar lamp in wide outdoor applications where you cannot install electrical connections.

Furthermore, you can turn this Solar lamp ON or OFF using an infrared remote control or adjust the light intensity.

Also, it has high-quality batteries that provide you with power for a long time during the night.

Likewise, it is waterproof with an IP64 rating ensuring its resistance to water and dust.


Features of Euronet Solar Street Light 250W:

    • POWER 250W

    • BATTERY:3.2V/15000mAH LIFE PO4

    • SIZE : 420mm x 210mm

    • LED: SMD2835 360pcs

Finally, this Solar powered lamp will give you better security and ease of mind because it will provide you with the necessary light at night.

So call us today in order to get this Solar powered light and make your surroundings more secure and clearer during the night.


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