Solar Street Light 120w Blue Carbon

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The Solar Street Light 120w Blue Carbon sold by TechStore in Lebanon will allow you to light your home or entrance.

First, this Solar light has a battery that charges in the morning to provide power at night.

Secondly, it is easy to install because it does not require any wiring.

Moreover, it uses LED lights which make a high-intensity light. Likewise, you are doing your part by endorsing green energy.

Additionally, the batteries are of high quality having a large capacity and will last for a long time.

Furthermore, you can have your own private street lamp. Thus you will not worry about the power outages, and not having a clear view outside your home at night.

Also, it is waterproof with a rating of IP64, which means that it can handle harsh weather conditions like rain and dust.

Features of Solar Street Light 120w Blue Carbon:

  • Blue Carbon Flat Solar Luminaire 80w
  • Solar Panel 100W mono.
  • Lithium battery 200ah.
  • Installation height 10m.

Finally, this Solar powered lamp will give you better security and ease of mind because it will provide you with the necessary light at night.

So call us today in order to get this Solar powered light and make your surroundings more secure and clearer during the night.


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