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The Solar Charge Controller 30A provided in Lebanon by Tech Store is the best way to have to regulate the charging of your solar battery.

Moreover, This solar charger is able to regulate the electricity that gets to your battery. Thus, your solar battery will not overcharge and makes it last longer.

Additionally, this solar charger has inbuilt protection from short-circuiting. Consequently, you can save money by changing a part of the device instead of buying a new one.

Furthermore, the charger has a programmable display to program the absorption of voltage to your batteries.


Features of the Solar Charge Controller 30A:

  • First, it has a 12/24V battery system auto recognition
  • Secondly, the max PV input voltage is around 100Voc 
  • Moreover, this solar charge controller max charge current is 30A
  • Also, the max PV input power of this solar charge controller is 900W
  • Additionally, it has a 300 days max data logging
  • Furthermore, the max self-power consumption is around 0.3W


Advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Technology

  • First, this Solar charge controller has a fast MPPT start with an ultra-fast sweeping of the entire V-I curve
  • Furthermore, the smart MPPT algorithm ensures better tracking in multiple powerpoints
  • Additionally, the high PV harvest performance in weak sunlight conditions
  • excellent peak efficiency exceeds 98%


High Quality & Functions

  • no cooling fan; overrating size heating sink
  • overrating electronic components to minimize the power loss from heating
  • full charge power output up to 45ºC
  • compensates battery charge voltages with the use of a temperature sensor
  • LCD screen display; key operation for parameter settings
  • Lead-acid AGM/GEL/Flooded & Lithium batteries supportable


Reliable Electronic Protections

  • advanced protection for battery charge & discharge
  • over-heating protection by power derating if the temperature is high
  • allow max 25% exceeding rated power without controller damage
  • extensive protections including PV reverse polarity & reverse current protection


Extensive Device Functions

  • RS485 port for Modbus communication
  • external port for multiple devices parallel use
  • extra 20A DC load output control with various of load modes
  • external Bluetooth module connection for APP operation
  • external remote LCD display connection


Finally, Buying this Solar charge controller is the best way to have a steady supply of electricity to your home batteries all year round.

So call us today at Tech Store and allow our professional operators to help you make your house a beacon of light all year round.


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