Eastman Solar Panel 545W mono-crystalline

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The Eastman Solar Panel 545W mono-crystalline provided in Lebanon by TechStore is the best way to have 24 hours electricity all around the year.

Moreover, installing a solar panel will allow you to have electricity in your home 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Additionally, you will not be concerned if the electricity company encounters difficulties. Thus, the solar panels will charge the tubular batteries, ensuring a steady supply of electricity.

Also, You won’t have to worry about diesel or gasoline with the solar system that we provide in Lebanon.

Features of Eastman Solar Panel 545W mono-crystalline:

Half-cut Technology
New circuit design, lower internal current and
lower internal resistance loss
Significantly avoiding heat spot
The unique circuit design to reduce the temperatureof heat spot significantly,so that to reduce the power lossand then increase the output of modules.
Lower cost
Increasing power generation can reduce thecost per kilowatt-hour
Excellent performance of PID resistance

The performance of PID resistance

(Potential InducedDegradation)passed the standard of TUV Nord.

Finally, buying this Solar Panel is the most cost-effective way to ensure that your home has a consistent supply of electricity throughout the year.

So call TechStore right away and one of our operators will help you turn your home into a year-round beacon of light.

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