The Solar Inverter Deye 6KW Hybrid Embrace Reliable Electricity In Lebanon

Are you looking for a sustainable and reliable solution to power your home or business in Lebanon? Look no further than the Solar Inverter Deye 6KW Hybrid, available exclusively at Tech Store Lebanon. Thus, let’s dive into the features and benefits of this cutting-edge solar inverter that ensures 24/7 electricity for your needs.

This is the Solar Inverter Deye 6KW Hybrid used for solar energy and sold by Tech Store Lebanon

Solar Inverter Deye 6KW Hybrid Provides Uninterrupted Power Supply

Say goodbye to power outages and reliance on traditional grid electricity. Additionally, this solar inverter harnesses the energy from solar panels to charge tubular batteries, providing you with constant and uninterrupted electricity throughout the year.

Peace of Mind

No need to worry about power disruptions caused by issues with the utility company. Moreover, the Solar Inverter Deye 6KW Hybrid ensures a steady power supply by seamlessly switching to solar energy when needed. Thus, offering you peace of mind and independence from conventional energy sources.

Eliminate Fuel Dependency

Bid farewell to the reliance on diesel or gasoline generators. Add to that, the Solar Inverter Deye 6KW Hybrid allows you to be more eco-friendly and cost-effective solar system provided by Tech Store Lebanon. Moreover, ensuring sustainable energy for your home or business without the need for fossil fuels.

Key Features of the Solar Inverter Deye 6KW Hybrid

  • Colorful Touch LCD & IP65 Protection: Easily monitor and control your solar system with the colorful touch LCD interface, protected against dust and water ingress.
  • Battery Charging Flexibility: Enjoy 6 time periods for battery charging/discharging, with a maximum charging/discharging current of up to 190A.
  • Hybrid Compatibility: The solar inverter supports both DC couple and AC couple to retrofit existing solar systems, offering flexibility and ease of integration.
  • Smart Load Application: Utilize the unique Smart Load application and Grid peak saving function for optimized energy management and cost savings.
  • Fast Transfer Switch: Experience a seamless transition from on-grid to off-grid mode within just 4 milliseconds, ensuring the smooth operation of essential appliances.

Technical Specifications

  • Battery Type: Lead-acid or Lithium-ion
  • Battery Voltage Range: 40~60V
  • Max. PV Input Power: Up to 7800W
  • Rated AC Output Power: 6000W
  • Efficiency: Up to 97.60%
  • Communication Interface: RS485; CAN

Empower Your Home In Lebanon with Sustainable Energy

Ready to embrace clean, reliable, and sustainable electricity? Contact Tech Store Lebanon today and let our professional technicians assist you in setting up the Solar Inverter Deye 6KW Hybrid at the best price in Lebanon. Say hello to uninterrupted power and a brighter, greener future for your home or business. Don’t wait – call us now and take the first step towards energy independence!

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