Bumil Safe ESD 101 30KG Fireproof Home And Business Safe Box

160 $

  • Cash On Delivery
  • Written warranty card

DESCRIPTION OF Bumil Safe ESD 101 30KG Fireproof Home And Business Safe Box :

The Bumil safe ESD 101 provided by Smart Security in Lebanon is a 30 Kg fireproof safe.

Additionally, it is a Korean-made safe that offers high levels of safety and functionality for very reasonable prices.

Furthermore, the small size of the ESD 101 safe makes it the perfect option to keep important documents and valuables.

Moreover, its size and weight allow you to put it in almost any hiding space that you can think of such as a closet or in secret compartments.

Thus the Bumil safe provides you with the same safety at a compact size.

Finally, the Bumil safe is a fire theft-proof safe thanks to its steel build and break-proof hinges.


  • 30KG
  • Korean-made
  • high levels of safety
  • small size
  • Fits inside closets or underneath desks,
  • Strength and durable safe.
  • Theft-proof

Order your strong and affordable safe from Smart Security now, and enjoy our 3-year warranty and delivery service all across Lebanon.

  • OutsideH307×W412×D334(mm)
  • In-sideH230×W335×D224(mm)
  • Approx.wt30Kg/66Lbs
  • Fittings1Plastic tray, 0Adjustble shelf
  • Choice of lock system: Digital, Dial Combination, and Two Key type
  • 1 Hour fire-resistant capacity (KS, JIS)
  • Improved performance through thick fire resistance wall
  • A sufficient number of shelves installed

Also, it provides you with great security for the asking price which makes it a great bargain.

Certainly, the Bumil safe ESD 101 is a great safe to have if you are looking for a fireproof safe in Lebanon.

So, call us now at Smart Security and let our professional operators help you choose the best safe for you.


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