Inverter Felicity 5KW

780 $

Introducing felicity solar - a Global manufacturer for solar energy solutions for both commercial and residential installation, available at Tech Store Lebanon.
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  • Felicity Solar IVGM3648~5048-LS is a multifunctional inverter, integrating self-consumption, peak shaving & valley filling, emergency power back-up, export the electricity to the grid or not functions. It provides 3.6KW, 4.0KW, 4.6KW, 5.0KW.
  • With real-time load monitoring
  • The conversion efficiency 98%
  • IP65 waterproof rated
    Battery Input Data
    Battery Voltage Range40V~60V
    Max. charging and discharging current100A/100A
    Max. charging and discharging power3600W4000W4600W5000W
    Battery typeLi-Ion /Lead-acid
    DC Input Data (PV side)
    Max. recommended PV power4700W5200W6000W6500W
    Max. PV voltage550V
    Start voltage130V
    PV voltage range90V~550V
    MPPT voltage range100V~500V
    MPPT Voltage Range for Full Load160V~500V175V~500V200V~500V220V~500V
    Nominal voltage360V
    Max. input current15A/15A
    Max. shorted curent18A/18A
    Number of MPP trackers / strings per MPP tracker 2/1
    Grid Data
    Nominal Input Voltage230Vac
    Input Voltage Range184~264.5Vac*
    Nominal grid frequency50/60Hz*
    Max. input current40A
    Max. Charge Current100A
    Max. AC output power3600W4000W4600W5000W
    AC Output Rated Current15.6A17.4A20A21.7A
    Max. output current19.5A21.7A25A25A
    Max. Continuous AC Passthrough30A
    Power factor>0.99
    Displacement power factor0.8leading…0.8lagging
    AC Output Data(Back Up)
    Rated output power3600VA/3600W4000VA/4000W4600VA/4600W5000VA/5000W
    Max. Output current30A
    Rated AC output voltage230Vac
    Rated AC output frequency50/60Hz
    Max. efficiency97.5%97.5%97.6%97.6%
    Euro efficiency96.7%96.8%97.0%97.0%
    MPPT efficiency99.9%
    Output over current protectionIntegrated
    Output over power protectionIntegrated
    Output shorted protectionIntegrated
    Anti-islanding protectionIntegrated
    GFCI ProtectionIntegrated
    Insulation Resistor DetectionIntegrated
    General Data
    Operating temperature range –25°C~60°C,>45℃ Derating
    Protection degreeIP65
    Relative humidity100%
    Cooling conceptNature
    BMS CommunicationCAN/RS485
    Monitor moduleWi-Fi/GPRS
    Installation StyleWall-mounted
    Warranty10 years
    Grid RegulationVDE-AR-N 4105;   G99/1;  EN50549-1;  CEI 0-21;  AS 4777.2;  NRS 097-2-1;
    Safety RegulationIEC 62109-1/2,IEC 62040-1
    Net Weight34.2KG
    Gross Weight38.6KG
    Product Dimension493*530*203mm
    Package Dimension632*585*309mm
    *   According to local grid-connected standards


Felicity Solar

Introducing Felicity ESS - A leading provider of comprehensive photovoltaic energy storage solutions, specializing in Li ion solar battery storage for household, residential, and commercial applications.
Introducing felicity solar - a Global manufacturer for solar energy solutions for both commercial and residential installation, available at Tech Store Lebanon.


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