Lecxo PA Amplifier With Digital Player 300 Watts

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In electronics, power amplifier classes are letter symbols applied to different power amplifier types.

The class gives a broad indication of an amplifier’s characteristics and performance. The classes are related to the time period that the active amplifier device is passing currentexpressed as a fraction of the period of a signal waveform applied to the input. A class A amplifier is conducting through all the period of the signal,Class B only for one-half the input period, class C for much less than half the input period. A Class D amplifier operates its output device in a switching manner,the fraction of the time that the device is conducting is adjusted so a pulse-width modulation output is obtained from the stage.Additional letter classes are defined for special-purpose amplifiers, with additional active elements or particular power supply improvements,

sometimes a new letter symbol is used by a manufacturer to promote its proprietary design.

Features of Lecxo PA AMPLIFIER WITH DIGITAL PLAYER 300 Watts :

  • Built in MP3 Player with USB reader, Bluetooth, Digital ECHO and Remote Control.
  • Line Output for connecting to a Booster Amplifier.
  • Active Bass & Treble Control.
  • Instant transfer to DC Power (Car Battery) if AC power fails.
  • External Speaker Connection for 4 & 8 Ohms and 1 OOV Line.
  • 5 Mic & 2 Aux Inputs.
  • Built-in digital effect processor for 1 Mic Inputs.
  • Preamplifier and Line Output for connecting to a Booster Amplifier and for recording the programme.
  • Line Input for connecting the output from any external mixer or permitting LXA-300BTE to be used as a Booster Power Amplifier.


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