Lexco HDMI Extender 120M- 120 KVM

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Lexco HDMI Extender 120M- 120 KVM 140 $
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The Lexco HDMI Extender 120M-120 KVM is a device designed to

extend HDMI signals and provide KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) control over long distances.


  • The extender allows you to transmit HDMI signals over long distances, typically up to 120 meters (394 feet).
  • The HDMI extender is likely capable of supporting high-definition video resolutions, such as 1080p Full-HD or even 4K-UltraHD, depending on the specific model.
  • The extender may provide KVM-functionality, allowing you to control the connected HDMI source device remotely using a keyboard, video, and mouse.
  • The extender likely uses advanced signal transmission technology, such as Cat5e/6 or fiber optic cables, to transmit the HDMI and KVM signals over the extended distance. These cables provide reliable transmission and help maintain signal integrity.
  • The extender is often designed for easy installation and use, typically featuring a plug-and-play setup. This means you can connect the HDMI source device, the extender transmitter, the extender receiver, and the display or projector, and the system should start functioning without requiring extensive configuration.
  • Some HDMI extenders may support Power over Cable (PoC) functionality, allowing the transmitter or receiver to be powered directly from the connected HDMI source device or display, reducing the need for additional power adapters or cables.


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