Reflective Warning Triangle

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The Reflective Warning Triangle provided by Smart Security in Lebanon provides security for both drivers and walkers.

Additionally, these roadway signs use symbols rather than words to convey their message.

Consequently, Symbols provide instant communication with roadway users, overcome language barriers, and are becoming standard for traffic control devices throughout the world.

Furthermore, familiarity with symbols on traffic signs is important for every road user in order to maintain the safety of the people.

Moreover, the color of the roadway signs is important to show the information they contain.

Thus, the use of red on signs is limited to stop, yield, and prohibition signs.

Besides, the sign shape can also alert street drivers and walkers to the type of information shown on a sign.

Traffic regulations are apparent in signs that are rectangular with the longer direction vertical or square. Additional regulatory signs are octagons for stop and inverted triangles for yield. Diamond-shaped signs signify warnings. Rectangular signs with the longer direction horizontal provide guidance information. Pentagons indicate school zones. A circular sign warns of a railroad crossing.

Certainly, if you are looking for Reflective Warning Triangle in Lebanon, you are in the right place.

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