Saudi Traffic Stud 15X15 with Screw

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The Saudi Traffic Stud 15X15 provided by Smart Security in Lebanon provides security for both drivers and walkers.

Moreover, it is made of aluminum material and its dimensions are 10×10 cm squared.

Additionally, the product height is 2.1 cm with weight is 375 grams that can handle long years of service.

Furthermore, the Anchored Metal Road Button is a practical road safety element that you can use in urban or intercity roads, parking lots, at petrol stations, in residential site car parks, in public and private car parks.

Anchored metal path button is used for strip arrangement, road splitting, and separation. It reflects the light it receives from the car headlights at night with cat eyes and provides effective visibility.

It is made of aluminum material and its dimensions are 10×10 cm squared. The product height is 2.1 cm. Its weight is 375 grams and it is specially designed for high tonnage crossings. The product is placed with epoxy in the hole to be opened to the floor.

Certainly, if you are looking for a Saudi Traffic Stud 15X15 with screw-in Lebanon, you are in the right place.

So Call us now and let our professional operators help you make the best choice for the road you wish to make safer.


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