Cudy 1.25Gb/s SFP 

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This is the Cudy 1.25Gb/s SFP and it is sold by Tech Store Lebanon.
Cudy 1.25Gb/s SFP  19 $
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● 1.25Gb/s SFP, 1310nm FP, SM, 20km, 12.5dB

SM100GSA-20 Copper Small Form Pluggable

(SFP) transceivers are based on the SFP Multi Source Agreement (MSA).

They are compatible with the Gigabit Ethernet and 1000BASE-T standards

as specified in IEEE Std 802.3 . The 1000BASE-T physical layer IC (PHY)

can be accessed via I2C, allowing access to all PHY settings and features.

The 1000BASE-T uses the SFP’s RX_LOS pin for link indication. If pull up

SFP’s TX_DISABLE pin, PHY IC be reset..

Product choice

Product part NumberLink Indicator on RX_LOS PinSupport 1000base-XSupport SGMII

SFP to Host Connector Pin Out

1VEETTransmitter Ground (Common with Receiver Ground)1
2TFAULTTransmitter Fault. Not supported. 
3TDISTransmitter Disable. Laser output disabled on high or open.2
4MOD_DEF(2)Module Definition 2. Data line for Serial ID.3
5MOD_DEF(1)Module Definition 1. Clock line for Serial ID.3
6MOD_DEF(0)Module Definition 0. Grounded within the module.3
7Rate SelectNo connection required 
8LOSLoss of Signal indication. Logic 0 indicates normal operation.4
9VEERReceiver Ground (Common with Transmitter Ground)1
10VEERReceiver Ground (Common with Transmitter Ground)1
11VEERReceiver Ground (Common with Transmitter Ground)1
12RD-Receiver Inverted DATA out. AC Coupled 
13RD+Receiver Non-inverted DATA out. AC Coupled 
14VEERReceiver Ground (Common with Transmitter Ground)1
15VCCRReceiver Power Supply 
16VCCTTransmitter Power Supply 
17VEETTransmitter Ground (Common with Receiver Ground)1
18TD+Transmitter Non-Inverted DATA in. AC Coupled. 
19TD-Transmitter Inverted DATA in. AC Coupled. 
20VEETTransmitter Ground (Common with Receiver Ground)1


1. Circuit ground is connected to chassis ground

2. PHY disabled on TDIS > 2.0V or open, enabled on TDIS < 0.8V

3. Should be pulled up with 4.7k – 10k Ohms on host board to a voltage between 2.0 V and 3.6 V. MOD_DEF(0) pulls line low to indicate module is plugged in. 

4. LVTTL compatible with a maximum voltage of 2.5V.

Not supported on 10/100/1000BASE-T.

Diagram of host board connector block pin numbers and names

+3.3V Volt Electrical Power Interface

The SFP-1000BASE-T/SFP-1000BASE-T-SGMII has an input voltage range of 3.3 V +/- 5%. The 4V maximum voltage is not allowed for continuous operation.

+3.3 Volt Electrical Power Interface
Supply CurrentIs 320375mA1.2W max power overfull range of voltageand temperature.See caution note below
Input VoltageVcc3.133.33.47VReferenced to GND
Maximum VoltageVmax  4V 
Surge CurrentIsurge  30mAHot plug above steady statecurrent. See caution note below
Caution: Power consumption and surge current are higher than the specified values in the SFP MSA.

Low-Speed Signals

MOD_DEF(1) (SCL) and MOD_DEF(2) (SDA), are open drain CMOS signals (see section VII,

“Serial Communication Protocol”).  Both MOD_DEF(1) and MOD_DEF(2) must be pulled up to host_Vcc.

Low-Speed Signals, Electronic Characteristics
SFP Output LOWVOL00.5V4.7k to 10k pull-up to host_Vcc,measured at host side of connector
SFP Output HIGHVOHhost_Vcc -0.5host_Vcc + 0.3V4.7k to 10k pull-up to host_Vcc,measured at host side of connector
SFP Input LOWVIL00.8V4.7k to 10k pull-up to Vcc,measured at SFP side of connector 
SFP Input HIGHVIH2Vcc + 0.3V4.7k to 10k pull-up to Vcc,measured at SFP side of connector

High-Speed Electrical Interface

All high-speed signals are AC-coupled internally

High-Speed Electrical Interface, Transmission Line-SFP
Line FrequencyfL 125 MHz5-level encoding, perIEEE 802.3
Tx Output ImpedanceZout,TX 100 OhmDifferential, for allfrequencies between1MHz and 125MHz 
Rx Input ImpedanceZin,RX 100 OhmDifferential, for allfrequencies between1MHz and 125MHz
High-Speed Electrical Interface, Host-SFP
Single ended data inputswingVinsing250 1200mVSingle ended
Single ended data outputswingVoutsing350 800mVSingle ended
Rise/Fall TimeTr,Tf 175 psec20%-80%
Tx Input ImpedanceZin 50 OhmSingle ended
Rx Output ImpedanceZout 50 OhmSingle ended

General Specifications

Data RateBR10 1000Mb/secIEEE 802.3 compatible.See Notes 2 through 4 below
Cable LengthL  100mCategory 5 UTP. BER
1. Clock tolerance is +/- 50 ppm
2. By default, the SFP-1000BASE-T/SFP-1000BASE-T-SGMII is a full duplex device in preferred master mode.
3. Automatic crossover detection is enabled. External crossover cable is not required.

Environmental Specifications

Environmental Specifications
Operating TemperatureTop-40 70°CCase temperature
Storage TemperatureTsto-40 85°CAmbient temperature

Serial Communication Protocol

All SFPs support the 2-wire serial communication protocol outlined in the

SFP MSA. These SFPs use an MCU, can be accessed with address of A0h.

The 1000BASE-T physical layer IC can also be accessed via the 2-wire serial bus

at address ACh. For details interfacing with the PHY IC, see Marvell data sheet

titled “Alaska Ultra 88E1111 Integrated Gigabit Ethernet Transceiver”

(Marvell document number MV-S100649-00).

Serial Bus Timing, Requirements
I2C Clock Rate 0 200,000Hz 

Mechanical Specifications (Unit:mm)




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