Felicity Lithium Battery 170Ah 48V LBPA

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Felicity Lithium Battery 170Ah 48V LBPA 1.450 $
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The Felicity Lithium Battery 170ah 48V LBPA48170 is one of the best Lithium batteries sold in Lebanon by TechStore.

Additionally, you can charge this Lithium battery using Solar panels. Thus have a sustainable energy supply.

First, this device can be charged using Solar energy and is great for camping trips or during power outages.

Moreover, you can use it in various places whether at home or at various businesses and even for long camping trips.

More than that, this power can be able to power more than one device like the TV, router, phone charger, radios…

Furthermore, the Lithium battery that is inside it means that it has one of the best batteries in the market.

Thus, no matter your need or destination in Lebanon this power can give you the best electric charge.

Finally, this Lithium battery offers you a  Long life guarantee with 6000 times cycle of use.

Data Sheet of the Felicity Lithium Battery 170ah 48V LBPA48170:

Model LPBA48100 LBPA48170
Capacity 5000WH 8700WH
Voltage 48V 48V
Rated voltage 51.2V 51.2V
Charge voltage 57.6V 57.6V
Discharge Voltage range 48-57.6V 48-57.6V
Max charge & discharge current 100A@30S 120A@30S
Rated charge & discharge current 50A 80A
Modules connection 1-12 in parallel
Ingress Protection IP21
Cycle life >6000 @ 25℃
Working Temperature range -10℃-50℃
Net weight 41KG 70.5KG
Dimension 440*585*145MM 755*600*160MM

Thus, Having this battery for your home, shop or business will let you have electricity whenever and wherever you are.

Call us today and our professional operators will help you choose the best Lithium battery in Lebanon!


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