Jinko Solar Panel 555W

105 $

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This is the Jinko Solar Panel 555W used for solar energy and sold by Tech Store Lebanon
Jinko Solar Panel 555W 105 $
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Half-cell solar panels also exhibit better temperature performance compared to conventional full-cell solar panels. The reduced electrical current flowing through each half-cell results in lower resistive losses and heat generation within the panel. This means that half-cell solar panels can maintain their efficiency better when exposed to higher temperatures, allowing them to produce more electricity under such conditions. This makes half-cell solar panels an ideal choice for those living in hot climates or areas with high levels of solar radiation, as they can continue to generate power efficiently even during hot summer days.

Model NumberJKM555N-72HL4JKM555N-72HL4-VJKM56ON-72HL4JKM56ON-72HL4-V
Maximum Power(Pmax/W)555 Wp417Wp560Wp421 Wp
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc/V)41.64V39.12V41.77V39.25V
Short Circuit Current(lsc/aA)13.33A10.67 A13.41A10.73 A
Voltage at Maximum Power(Vmp/V)50.34V47.82V50.47V47.94V
Current at Maximum Power(Imp/A)14.07 A11.36A14.15A11.42A
Module Efficiency(%)21.48%21.68%
Model NumberJKM565N-72HL4JKM565N-72HL4-VJKM57ON-72HL4JKM57ON-72HL4-V
Maximum Power(Pmax/W)565Wp425Wp57OWp429Wp
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc/V)41.92V39.38V42.07V39.51V
Short Circuit Current(lsc/aA)13.48A10.79 A13.55A10.85 A
Voltage at Maximum Power(Vmp/V)50.60V48.06V50.74V48.20V
Current at Maximum Power(Imp/A)14.23A11.49A14.31A11.55A
Module Efficiency(%)21.87%22.07%
Model NumberJKM575N-72HL4JKM575N-72HL4-V
Testing ConditionSTCNOCT
Maximum Power(Pmax/W)575Wp432 Wp
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc/V)42.22V39.60V
Short Circuit Current(lsc/aA)13.62A10.92 A
Voltage at Maximum Power(Vmp/V)50.88V48.33V
Current at Maximum Power(Imp/A)14.39 A11.62A
Module Efficiency(%)22.26%




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