Relay Phase-Timer

70 $

This is the Relay Phase-Timer used in solar installations and sold by Tech Store in Lebanon.
Relay Phase-Timer 70 $
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About this item

  • High-performance timer switch, three Wire input and output three Wire, helping to solve the problem that some customers are not convenient to wire neutral wire.
  • It is widely used in three-phase 350v-420vac motor and other equipment such as water pump, fish pond oxygenation, rice steaming machine, water heater, billboard, neon lamp, exhaust fan and so on.
  • Just set the time of ON/OFF,with a total of 17 on/off settings,From Monday to Sunday, any setting can be set at least one minute apart and the maximum time is 168 hours (equal to 1 week), which can be turned on and off manually temporarily. As long as it
  • Can achieve unmanned management, safe and reliable, stable performance, is a very good choice.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery, power off memory. No need to reset the program, convenient and practical.


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