Contactor Change Over Switch 4P 125A

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ATS-125A-4P-iRC changeover switch is an microprocessor based intellectual device designed to transfer loads automatically and manually from one power source to another in a wide variety of 1-3 phase applications.

The unit monitors 3-phase normal and reserve source voltages, sends remote start command to the generating set and performs changeover switching between those 2 sources connecting the load circuits to a power source having voltages within preset limits.

Device has a manual load switch lever, a manual/auto mode switch and a mechanical locking.

Inputs and outputs: fire linkage control, generator remote start, external indicators.

The front panel leds provide information about mains and generator power availability as well as a current switch positions.

External display shows phase voltages and can be placed in a distance of 1-3 meters from the device via standard Ethernet cable.

Power source voltage limits, transfer-, start- and stop delays and transfer modes are front panel configurable.

Note: The delays apply only  in case if the device is connected to 24VDC auxiliary power supply.


• 3 working positions: main power ON – backup power OFF; main power OFF – backup power ON; main and backup power OFF;

• double complex contacts/ horizontal pulling mechanism/micro motor energy pre-storage and microcomputer control technology;

• reliable mechanical interlock and electric interlock;

• “Zero Position” technology. Device can be set to Zero Position under emergency situations with two way power supply cut off meeting the fire linkage requirements;

• singleness motor drive providing smooth, reliable, low noise operation;

• driving motor energized only during switching operations with outstanding energy saving;

• mechanical interlock, making sure that the Normal power and Reserve Power sources work without interference;

• distinct ON and OFF position and activity indicators;

• high security and reliability with working life more than 8000 times;

• electromechanical integration design with accurate changeover adopting an advanced logical control technology and high anti-interference ability;

• easy installation using control circuit plug type terminal connections.


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