Solar Pump Inverter Eastman 5.5Kw-200Kw Three-Phases Vfd

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Introducing the highly innovative Solar Pump Inverter EASTMAN 22kW Three-Phase VFD, a game-changing solution engineered to redefine the efficiency and sustainability of water pumping systems. With its impressive 22kW capacity and advanced Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) technology, this solar pump inverter is poised to revolutionize agricultural, industrial, and domestic water applications. Join us as we explore the cutting-edge features that set the EASTMAN 22kW Three-Phase VFD apart, empowering users with reliable and eco-friendly water pumping solutions. Discover how this state-of-the-art inverter is driving us towards a greener, more water-  efficient future for a multitude of industries and communities alike.

Features of EASTMAN Solar Pump Inverter from 5.5KW to 200 kw Three-Phase VFD:

  • 5.5 kw to 200kW Power Capacity: The inverter boasts a robust 22kW power capacity, making it suitable for various water pumping applications, including agricultural irrigation, industrial processes, and domestic water supply.
  • Solar-Powered Operation: Harnessing the power of solar energy, the inverter reduces reliance on conventional electricity sources, resulting in significant cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint.
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Technology: The advanced VFD technology allows for precise control of the pump’s motor speed, optimizing energy consumption and water delivery efficiency.
  • Three-Phase Operation: Designed for three-phase power systems, the inverter ensures smooth and stable operation, ideal for larger-scale water pumping requirements.
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT): The inverter features MPPT tracking, enabling it to continuously find and utilize the maximum available power from connected solar panels, thereby maximizing energy utilization.
  • Soft Start and Stop: The inverter’s soft start and stop capabilities prevent sudden jolts and mechanical stress on the pump, extending the pump’s lifespan and reducing maintenance needs.
  • Remote Monitoring and Control: Users can remotely monitor and manage the inverter’s performance through various communication interfaces or smartphone apps, allowing for convenient system oversight and quick troubleshooting.
  • High Efficiency Conversion: The inverter utilizes high-efficiency conversion technology, minimizing energy losses during the solar-to-motor power conversion process and optimizing overall system efficiency.
  • Comprehensive Protection Features: The inverter comes equipped with multiple protection mechanisms, including overvoltage protection, under-voltage protection, overcurrent protection, and thermal protection, ensuring the safety of both the inverter and the connected pump.
  • Durable and Weather-Resistant Design: Constructed with durability in mind, the inverter’s rugged design enables it to withstand challenging environmental conditions, ensuring reliable performance over time.
  • Modular and Expandable: The EASTMAN 22kW Three-Phase VFD Inverter offers a modular design, allowing for easy system expansion and the flexibility to adapt to changing water pumping demands.

With its cutting-edge features and solar-powered efficiency, the Solar Pump Inverter EASTMAN 22kW Three- Phase VFD stands at the forefront of water pumping solutions. It empowers users with a reliable and eco-friendly approach, demonstrating how innovative technology can lead us toward a more sustainable and water-efficient future for various industries and communities worldwide.

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